Sunday, November 18, 2007

Tia dio bā somneto

Tia dio bā somneto vis tia gāc sūz ha ma na gin sībo mo. Tia gācon na mosto nomo desadit mo. Tia paundid dip nū dīdo bēzaceto mo tiom toi mōt cosdi hīciū mo. Toi zūmno vis tia gācid ceca sōno hlūma sīben ha toi zūmno vis dio sībid toi he gin ziucce cūcsen.

-Sam Mēhīca He

I profess sorrow to yall that I didn't post in thirteen days. I was quite busy in those days. I did succeed in shedding five pounds which caused me to be very happy. I hope that I am able to post in the next few days and that yall don't stop reading my writings.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Tia paundad sūz dīdo mu

Tia gācona ċano mo vis tia paundad sūz dīdo mu. Toi dōcco vis tia nomenne toida mōtet te toi bēzacetenne. Tia paundad dipsūz hīteme bōccī dīdo mo tiom cēhl sema toi he nomi mo. Toi zūmno vis dio cēhl desadit ne he hime habhi mu.

- Sam Mēhīca he

I decided today that I will lose ten pounds. I think that I would be a happier person if I were to succeed. I lost fifty pounds last spring which was a major victory of mine. I hope that yall will also have many victories of your own.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Tia ciagāchōm toi he panto mi

Hlōna tiu dīvta nomi vis toi sībo mo. Dinidom vistu sīben gin nīcce. Tia ciagāchōm toi he panto mi. Pīma hian nomi. Nomi vazahim ciagāchōm ne he?

- Sam Mēhīca he

Its been a few moons since I've posted. Theres nothing to write about. I'm enjoying my weekend. Its been very good. What kind of weekend are yall having?

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Hlōnahim na vūscen

Tia phāde hlōnahim na gācon na vūsco mo. Tia cūnūd desadit gin hado mi sīd hlōnahim na vūscen gin tāmosi hush. Mivusom cīvit gācon na nomi mo. Tia gācon na zezo desadit mo. Ċistendi nomi mo. Toidadom posh toi cazuve tīhl. Tia ni gāc mide zado ciehen. Vīgom pīmat nomi siun mo...tia ga dōcco.

- Sam Mēhīca he

I smoked marihuana today this morning. I don't have much money thus smoking in the morning doesn't happen often. Today in school was easier. I slept much today. It was relaxing. Rich people still make me angry. I must see them everyday. Life will be easier soon...I know it.

- Sam of America

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Gācon Mivus Na

Gācon mivus na sū nomi mo. Toidad posh de dōcce vis pe toi pīmat mahl nome. Pe toi gācon na dīde mo. Dinidom de dōcc toi he na gācon na nome mo....dītus tia phenid toi he hida nū ċisto panten mo. Vīgom munid sadit sū nomi, hūb ci pīma nomi moih sōnen. Tia zūmno vis dio gāc pīma cīdie.

- Sam Mēhīca he

Today in school was bad. All the rich people think that they are better than me. They excluded me today. Everything is on my mind today...though I did enjoy chilling with my friends today. Sometimes life is bad, but it can be good too. I hope that yall had a good day.

- Sam of America

Monday, October 29, 2007

Vōnanom gācon tismātad toi ved himi mo

Vōnanom gācon tismātad toi ved himi mo, hūb tia ni dōmo mo. Sīd tia hani nomi mi. Toi zūmno vis dio tismātad ne he dōmo moih!

- Sam Mēhīca he

This place made troubles for me today, but I have resolved them. Thus I am here now. I hope that yall resolve your troubles too!

-Sam of America

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sīb Dacc

Sīb dacc nomi! Tia vaza gin vīno sīben. Siomis tia sībenne pōste da toi he:


Hitid toi voh hetet numne
Sīd toi hado
Dinidom de tōnicnumne
Phodadom toi voh ziōcte
Ha toi dōcco vis miscam hani mani
Tia hotu heta hēdo
Vis toi hēdo mo vānum vis no hani mane mo
Tia toida nomo siun mu
Vinponom toi phīnbā nomi
Nadōcc du hīs
Mōtepidom mun na visme
Ga nomi vis dinid de ginhetahe
Sīd toi hado

- Sam Mēhīca he

Its my first post! I don't know what to post. Perhaps I should post one of my poems:


Everyone around me becomes older
Thus I do
All things change
Leaves fall around me
And I believe that fall is coming here
I travel the same roads
That I traveled when we arrived here
I will be a man soon
Boyhood is distant to me
A dream as distant
Memories fade in time
It is known that things change
Thus I do

- Sam of America